Our Story

My name is Hamid, Founder of a small rug store in Marrakesh. I spent my childhood and teenage years following my grandfather around, he was an auctioneer of vintage Berber rugs. I was literally my grandpa’s minion which helped me grow up in the middle of the rug market in Morocco.

Now at theage of 30, the Berber rug is my new found passion.
Together with 3 of my close friends, also very passionate about our ancestor’s legacy, we formed a small team based in Marrakesh. Thanks to my grandfather, I have made throughout the years many good relationships with artisans and families of rug owners in the Atlas Mountains. Together with my team, we make frequent sourcing trips to the tribes to search and collect nothing but the best of
authentic Berber rugs.
The Berber rug means a lot more than a business to us, it’s more like an identity. We are proudly sharing our heritage with the whole world and reaching out for connection with people in foreign lands despite all the differences.
Although we have a minority of new productions; most of our rugs are vintage, weaved a few decades ago by Berber women for personal use. Each rug is holding a story and a multitude of emotions within it. A Berber rug usually represents a mother’s love and affection. It could be made to offer as a gift to her loved ones on different occasions or simply to protect them from the freezing cold of the Atlas Mountains. The Berber rug is the fruit of a fertile imagination of Berber women. Each one is a unique work of art and it symbolizes her weaver’s spirit, beliefs and culture. For the past couple decades, the Berber rug made its way to modern interiors. Thanks to its originality and timelessness, it adapts to all styles including the trendy ones. The Berber rug is
definitely a must have in your house, buy it directly from the source and enjoy masterpieces at a reasonable price.

Our philosophy

We’re a small team in Marrakesh, collaborating with artisans in the Atlas Mountains. When sourcing our rugs, we make sure to pick nothing but good quality and authentic vintage items. Also, we help you to buy directly from the source which will enable you to enjoy masterpieces at a way cheaper price than resellers. Because our customers deserve only the best, we ensure to provide them with the finest at an affordable price.

Our mission 

In a divided world, where people are increasingly focusing on their differences and fostering hostility and hatred towards each other. In a world where we are disconnected from one another and where everything is superficial and futile, we came with an open heart to contribute in healing the humanity’s division.  

We offer you more than just pieces of fabric, we offer you a history and so much emotions because every handmade piece carries its owner’s soul. We want to offer you meaning that everyone is longing for nowadays. We want to touch your heart and fill it with so much warmth. We want to remind you that your fellow human on the other side of the planet is exactly the same as you. They have a story to tell you and so much wisdom to share. 

Artisanat connect is not just a business, it’s a bridge between cultures and a dream to connect humans in all corners of the world.