Cleaning instructions

We all know that a Moroccan woolen rug is durable and can stick around for a lifetime; but only if you take care of it properly, otherwise it will be eaten away by bugs and moths.
Please follow these instructions to ensure longevity to your newly arrived rug:


Vacuum it

    Woolen rugs have a tendency to keep dust and dirt within their fibers, especially high pile rugs. so vacuuming is key to keep them clean. Vacuum your rug at least twice a month, but if it’s in a high traffic area or if you have pets at home you might need to vacuum it more frequently.


    Shake it out

      Get the help of your partner or your friend to shake your rug outside for about a minute. That will help you get rid of the dirt and dust without vacuuming. Over-vacuuming can hurt your rug so make sure to use this alternative every now and then. If you want to go the extra mile, give it a good beating. That’s a great alternative to vacuuming but it can be very exhausting.


      Put it under sunlight

        At least every month, particularly when it first arrives. You will notice a strange smell when you first open your package because of the plastic wrapping; we highly recommend you put it under sunlight for a whole day before you style it in your space. And always remember, wool loves sunlight.


        Clean it with water

          At least once a year. Even vacuuming cannot get rid of the dust and dirt that lies under your rug. You might as well take advantage of a sunny day to clean your rug. Do it yourself if you don’t want to use a rug cleaning service, they’re very costly. And trust me, cleaning a rug is so much fun.
          All you will need is cool water, a gentle laundry detergent and a plastic brush.
          Soak your rug in water, pour detergent and start brushing gently. Don’t put too much pressure, you don’t want to damage the fibers.
          Rinse it thoroughly with water and hang it outside until it’s completely dry. Another golden rule is that wool hates humidity; you should make sure that your rug is completely dry before putting it back on the floor.

          If you need extra help with cleaning your rug, please reach out to us anytime. We will gladly help you with anything.