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Boujaad runner Farah 3.00×0.70m/ 9,84×2,29 Feet

Boujaad runner Farah 3.00×0.70m/ 9,84×2,29 Feet

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Adding a runner to your hallway is a simple yet very brilliant way to transform it into a completely different space. And adding a colorful one at that will bring so much liveliness and playfulness to your entire home.
This cutie is perfect to brighten and liven up any space. Not to mention that it will bring the rooms together and protect your floor, especially in a high traffic area. And to top it all, its soft texture is wonderful and will provide a pleasant feeling under your feet.

Tribe: Boujaad

Category: New creation

Size: 3.00×0.70m/ 9,84×2,29 Feet

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