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Pre-Order Azilal Rug

Pre-Order Azilal Rug

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A graceful Moroccan rug that originates from Azilal in the middle Atlas Mountains. 
This stunning piece of art was not made for commercial purposes but for personal use, it represents a mother’s care for her family and her most powerful weapon to fight against the freezing weather of the Atlas Mountains.
While hand weaving, the knots were made very tightly to make the rug resistant to the cold and give her more warmth and strength. Also, she was made with virgin wool extracted from healthy sheep and dyed with natural dyes. The process of dying using organic material is extremely long and tiring but is necessary to ensure longevity to the rug.
Every symbol and every color used depends solely on the weaver’s psyche and emotional state. This rug literally carries the story and soul of her weaver which contributes to her uniqueness. Even if you find a similar one, it will never be the same.
Please note that screens are not always accurate in representation of color and texture, the actual rug may slightly differ from what you see on your screen. We do our utmost to ensure product photography and descriptions are as accurate as possible. And please don’t hesitate to reach out for additional photos and videos. 
Last but not least, a woolen rug lives forever only when it’s properly cared for. It needs to be put under sunlight several times a year and vacuumed regularly especially under furniture, to protect it from moths and other bugs.

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Origine : Azilal

Category: New creation

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